There’s no denying it there are just some movies that has reached their fame because they have chosen the right car. Like casting for the right actors for a certain role, knowing the perfect car to use in the movie can make or break its appeal to the masses, while there are some movies that are easily remembered by the car that they use.


As early as the 1960’s when the first Batman movie came out, they have used a concept car from Ford. The iconic car that was used was the 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura built in 1954 became the first batmobile. With a powertrains of 330 horsepower and uses a modified 1953 Lincoln chassis car has the right ingredient to become the perfect partner of the famous superhero. Because of this the other latest Batman movie franchise has made sure that they continue to create or find the best car to replace or upgrade their batmobile with. This is also one of the reasons what the fans is looking forward to every time another movie is on its way to the theaters.


In the 1970s who can forget the Ford Falcon XB Interceptor 1974 which was customized for the movie Mad Max. Now this is one movie that is better remembered by all the different cars that they used. But what really made impact is the custom built V8 Interceptor that was used by one of the leading actors in the movie. This car made its appearance in the other sequel of this movie also.

Now how can we not add the famous Christine car in the list of iconic cars?


This 1957 Plymouth Belvedere perfectly captured the killer car from the novel from the famous Stephen King in the 1980s. In actual record there are only three good-condition Christine cars left that were later sold to collectors after the movie has become such a big hit. There are was a fourth one that was said to be saved from the wrecker.


In the 90s who can forget the Days of Thunder where the 1990 NASCAR Lumina was used by Tom Cruise’s character. And as we reach 2000s up to the present time, there are just a lot of movies that features supercars just like the Fast and Furious franchise. They have 1969 Ford Mustang, 1970 Dodge Charger, 1995 Mazda RX-7 and 1970 Ford Escort RS 1600 to name a few. Another blockbuster movie that has a lot of do with cars is the Transformers where the iconic Bumblebee transforms into a 1976 Chevrolet Camaro. These movies are surely a feast for all car enthusiasts out there.


1969 Ford Mustang

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, Vin Diesel & late 60s model Dodge Charger, 2001

1970 Dodge Charger


1995 Mazda RX-7


1970 Ford Escort RS 1600

1976 Chevrolet Camaro

1976 Chevrolet Camaro

What you need and what you want are two different things but sometimes you can have what you need and want in one package. Like in cars there are models that surely could meet your standard in both practicality and in showing off. To know what are the leading cars in 2015 and see if you find something that you like that made the list.


Ford is one of the leading car manufacturers that have a reputation of creating something that can withstand the test of time. And it wouldn’t be possible to create a list of best selling cars without a Ford model in it. Ford Fiesta cars have a recorded 80,494 registrations in 2015. This model meets practicality and beauty. It is a good buy for a very reasonable price.


We also have the Vauxhall Corsa that made it into the list of top selling cars in 2015. The main reason why people love it is because it offers cheaper to run and it is easy to drive. Even though this model just looks similar to its predecessor buyers still prefer on ordering it.


Volkswagen Golf has also made it to the list of best selling cars in 2015. Coming from the line of a great car brand there is no more explanation why this car made it into the list. This offers comfort especially on long travel and owners can choose among petrol and diesel engines.


A car model crossover of SUV design and hatchback running cost the Nissan Qashqai is one of the highly in-demand vehicles of 2015. The perfect family car which still offers that modern design that is commonly found in new cars.


Audi A3 is another great car to consider if you are looking for cars that made it to the list of best selling cars. Although this car is on the pricey range there are still a good number of car enthusiasts that are willing to pay good money to own one. The Audi A3 uses similar parts as the VW Golf.


Another great car that made the list if the Mercedes C-Class that was created to compete with the BMW 3 series which was popular in 2014 and it successfully overtaken it in 2015. The brand alone is enough reason why it made the list supported by its S-Class interior style this is one car to look for.


Lastly we have the MINI which still continues to impress since its launch in 2001. Now on its 3rd generation and with a wide range of customization for buyers this car will surely continue to be in the trend for a long time.

With the help of the internet researching for almost anything now is very easy. Just like if you are looking to buy a good car. It is important that you know what you want and of course you know just how much you can afford. Most buyers would research what type of car they can own within their budgeted price range. It really gets confusing if you haven’t got a clue on what you want and need in owning a car. But there are a number of cars that gives the best value of your money.


Top of the list includes Nissan Versa 1.6. This car is only available for $12,815 which is very reasonable price. It offers a good comfortable interior space unlike the undersized econobox which is usually within its price range. If you prefer to own an automatic transmission type the price could go up to $14,315. This is the best affordable family car available today.


Another one of the reasonably priced cars list is the Chevrolet Spark LS. With a price range of $13,095-$14,405 this car is definitely worth checking out. This mini car is Korean build with alloy wheels and 4G LTE hot spot feature. This car will surely aid you in going to places with its solid and stable feel when driven.

The list will never be complete without a Ford car in it. The Ford Fiesta S made to the reasonably priced car model unit because its $14,690 price is a bargain compare to its other competitors. Additional charges apply for customization and other upgrades available for the car. This model is gives owners great fuel economy and it’s a great partner in curvy road.


The Honda Fit Base is also a good car to check out available for only $16,315 this is surely one of the most reasonably priced car available in the market. The design offers a roomy back seat and the cargo area can be expanded so that it can accommodate more stuff. Surprisingly for its size it is fuel efficient which makes another good reason to own one.

There will surely more new vehicles that can easily make the list of reasonably priced cars with a number of people who prefer on buying environment friendly or fuel efficient ones there will be more design to come out in the following years.

Owning your dream car is one of the best things that you can give to yourself. But this usually requires a good investment since most cars cost a lot of money. This is the reason why you need to take good care of your car to insure that its value will not decrease greatly. There are useful accessories that will help you insure that your car is in top condition and to help you do simple troubleshooting incase when problems arise. Remember that these accessories need to be present in your car at all times especially if you like to travel long distance.
First off we need to have a high quality portable air pump. Low fuel efficiency sometimes is caused by wrong tire pressure and it can even lead to huge damage in your tires if it’s not dealt with immediately. This is where your portable air pump comes in handy. This will allow you to fill in air on your tires in emergency cases. Look for a pump that can run in a 12v socket that is available in any car types. This will help you solve unwanted flat tire problems.
A good hydraulic or electric car jack is another car accessory must haves. Changing tires on the road can be really tricky but with the help of proper tools you can easily do it. Don’t just depend on the jack that usually the manufacturers provide you with in buying a car. These are usually the cheapest one available and require a lot of energy for you to be able to raise a car. So try to look for a jack with 12V socket and make sure that you always have it in your car all the time.

Most of the new cars today have this built in alert system that tells you when there is something no working or wrong with the car. Check if your car has an OBD II port, this allows you to use the OBD Scan Tool that will help you get detailed information about your car in your mobile phone or laptop. There is application available on Android and iOS that supports that OBD Hardware.

There are more accessories that you can check out in store that will help you protect and take good care of your car. Just know what you need and try looking for it online or asking some experts.

Fuel efficient cars are such a big trend today that most of the leading car manufacturers released their own design to compete in the market. Most environmentalists find this type of car eco-friendly because it helps you lessen your carbon print. Not only that it helps protect the environment it also helps you save on gas, with the prices of oil skyrocketed recently it is just practical to buy a car that only requires low gas usage. Since the demand is high there are now a good number of different brands of eco-friendly vehicle available in the market. To help guide you in choosing the right one here are some of the most fuel efficient cars currently available.


The Honda Civic GX that uses compressed natural gas is considered one of the best cars to own if you are looking for the most fuel efficient vehicle. It only has 28 miles per gallon fuel economy rating. The only disadvantage about this car is that not all gas stations offer compressed natural gas and it can only run for 170 miles maximum on a single fill-up. So when you are planning to use this car for road trips you need to plan it well and make sure that you make a list of places you can surely fill it up with compressed natural gas.


Another famous fuel efficient car is from Toyota. The famous car manufacturer introduces Toyota Prius. This car has 45 miles per gallon overall fuel economy rating. Along with its popularity there’s already a statistic where Prius user only has to spend $1019 on fuel yearly when they decide to switch on using this car.


Most of the fuel efficient cars utilize some of the latest technology available to ensure that it will only require less fuel for it to run. Just like the Honda Civic Hybrid where it features an electric motor that aids in its 42 miles per gallon overall fuel economy rating. This car is even considered as a direct competitor of Toyota Prius.


But Toyota answered it with releasing a more fuel efficient car which only poses an overall fuel economy rating of 34 miles per gallon. This Toyota Camry Hybrid runs with a battery pack and features a fuel economy gauge that helps the driver keep track of their mileage.


Nissan also released their design in the most fuel efficient linage. This also features an overall fuel economy rating of 34 miles per gallon. This is the Nissan Altima Hybrid the car that is perfect for city driving.

Let’s talk about sports cars, specifically TVR 400SE and 400SX model. The development and important features that these vehicles underwent to go from classic to modern to address every owner’s desires made this one of the well-loved sports car in history. If still in mint condition this classic vehicle can fetch a good price to sellers and collectors will surely line-up to get a change of owning this car.


TVR 400SE was launched in 1988, it was a design based on its predecessor 390SE. Most of the parts were created similarly with the 390SE aside from a few upgrades that the new model got. Obviously the 400SE got a more powerful V8 Rover engine. Compared with the 390SE which only have 3905cc it now upgraded into 3948cc. The vehicle can produce a top speed of 145 mph which is pretty sweet for the speed junkie out there. Production runs from 1988 until 1991 for 400SE. There are features that was added on the last part of production mostly on the body and power steering that was listed as an option when it was launched.


While the 400SE is still in production the 400SX was introduced in 1989. This was introduced as the replacement of 350SX. Similarly to the improvements that 400SE got compared from 390SE the biggest difference that 400SX got is the additional engine power. This supercharged vehicle did answer most of the sports car fans wishes.

When the production of 400SE stopped in 1991 an upgrade was introduced, a more powerful 430SE was unveiled. And this model was released in the following year. This upgrade utilizes a bigger engine compared with 400SE and can produce higher speed. All design uses a fiberglass body.

Due to the high demand on the 400SE up until today selling it in good condition can give a higher price compared with 400SX.

Every racing fan is well aware that there is a wide range of slot cars available out there. They differ in scale and appearance. And choosing the right slot car can be really tricky. But there are some guides that can help you in going to the right direction.

To start off most of the manufacturers have already standardized their scale to 1:32. This is a popular scale among racing cars and companies such as Ninco from Spain, Scalextric from United Kingdom, NSR from Italy, from Italy and Carrera from Austria are already producing their products to this scale.

The scale range is usually from 1:24 to 1:43 but the 1:32 is rather popular in the racing world. 132 Evolution and 132 Digital are the common names that are used for cars manufactured with 1:32 scale.

Ninco a manufacturer in Spain is known to create only two different scales in their slot cars. They have 3 different versions of cars within the 1:32 scale. The Ninco 1 is known as their budget cars where the design is lacking on detail and it is without any lights. While their standard line of vehicles are known for its exceptional attention to detail and finish.

Scalextric a famous brand from UK which produces a highly detailed line of slot cars, it is also one company the utilize DPR chassis for cars used in digital racing. This enables them to create a simple fitting of the digital plug for the car. Scalextric cars can surely provide you a good value for your money in terms of owning a good racing car.

While NSR cars are the usual racers choice they don’t come in cheap. This company from Italy has certainly created their mark in the car racing scene by producing high quality products that is surely built for speed. This is the brand to go for serious racers. Investing on the right car can go a long way. also from Italy is another manufacturer that is able to produce cars of the same or even higher quality as NSR. With a long history in manufacturing racing cars since the 1960’s this is a company that surely knows what they are doing. Their products are highly comparable with Le Mans cars. There are many racers that prefer among many other 1:32 scale cars.

Lastly Carrera is one of the manufactures that still continues to produce a wide range of scales that ranges from 1:24 to 1:43. Their cars can also be considered that contains fantastic detail for a reasonable price.


Aside from the different brands mentioned there are other companies that also produce slot cars with high quality. Just make sure that you choose a car that can work in your layout or it can easily be converted to any track of your choice.

There are a lot of people who are more attracted with the classics and car racing enthusiast is one of them. Classic car racing is one fun event to try out and there are racers which prefer to participate in this kind of racing. There are several local events in different country that allows fans of the classic car racing are able to witness or even get the feel of how it is done back in the days.

Car racing started out as early as the 20th century. Car enthusiast back then shares the same passion as the fan boys now. They are just so intrigued with the vehicle that car racing was a huge hit even before. There was a high demand for car racing that it eventually turned into a popular sport and professional car racing started. Being able to penetrate the car racing scene today insures a professional driver a good career out of doing something that he is passionate about. As the hype of car racing go from national to international level this sport will continue to stay popular.

Even classic car racing gains a lot of fans in this modern scene. Events today that features classic car racing as part of their program always gets sold-out ticket sales. There are still fans that wants to witness classic car race live.

Classic car racing usually consist of ten to twenty cars and all cars will take their places one behind the other from the starting line. And with a wave of a flag the race will begin. Cars will race around the track trying to have the shortest time possible to win. They are allowed to stop for maintenance and to change their tires. There’s a certain number of laps that car racers need to complete before they are declared a winner. Usually only the first three drivers are given the prize and recognition for finishing first.

Due to its popularity there are a good number of movies and games that is based on classic car racing that anyone can enjoy.

There are just amazing cars that becomes famous even before they release it. Most are companies’ way to let people know that they are planning to release something new or some just got leaked online unintentionally. While there are some designs that are just fan made but still makes most car enthusiast wish it to be made into reality. There are surely good number of car enthusiasts that keeps checking online if there’s anything new in the car scene.

Surely these upcoming cars that are making news online will get you more than excited in the coming years.


First on the list is from Porche, the Cayman GT4. The company is planning to release this beauty in 2016. The design is taking full advantage of the mid-engine layout. This baby has recorded limits at 7400 rpm  to 385 horsepower with torque 310 pound-feet at 4750 rpm. This clearly shows its advantage from Porche 911 GT3’s.


The most awaited Ford Focus RS will also make its way in 2016. This comes from the line of famous Ford designs that every fan boy dreams of having. It will feature four-wheel drive which is an upgrade to the common front-drive of all Focus RS. Coming for a long line of Ford RS cars this will surely be one of the best things to look forward to in 2016.


The McLaren P14 is another reason why 2016 is going to be a good year for car enthusiast. This supercar will utilize MonoCell carbon-fiber and V-8 turbocharged 3.8 liter engine. This is going to be totally different among its predecessors in McLaren car lines. And this is aimed to beat another supercar giant Ferrari. They might have a shot this time but who knows what the other manufacturer are planning to create.


This list will never be complete without a good Ferrari in the mix. Ferrari 488GTB is simply a thing of real beauty. To make it simple it is an update of the famous 458 Italia, keeping all things that make this car great while increasing power and other adjustments that will surely make 488GTB compete with the other upcoming cars in 2016. This supercar features 3.9 liter V-8 and 661 horsepower it surely possesses great power but still shows a lot of style.

Other car company giants didn’t made any announcement of their big release in 2016 but Chevrolet, Bugatti and Mercedes-Benz to name a few have surely something big in-store in 2017.

For all car racing fans the Formula One or F1 racing is probably one of the most awaited events. This began in the early 1920s and it began in Europe under a name Grand Prix Motor racing. As the sports progress and as its popularity skyrocketed there are a number of rules that was change. Also the major reason why the name changed from Grand Prix Motor racing to F1 is because of the formula changed that happened in the mid-twentieth century. These changes and the introduction of team sponsorships to the basic car racing turned Formula One into a billion dollar industry.

Since there is a good career to achieve in joining F1 only the greatest car racers are given the chance to compete. And their hard work will surely be rewarded especially if they are able to come out on top of the racing event. As easy as it sound it takes a lot of practice and focus to be able to win one event. A Formula One racing season involves a number of races known as Grand Prix. These small races will help determine the yearly World Champion in drivers and constructors. The Grand Prix determine two champions each year. It is important for a driver to have the right team to support him to insure the title of being the best in the world.

If a driver dreams of being a part of any Grand Prix it is important that they have a Super License to be eligible to join. Even his team and the other track official needs to hold a license to be part of the event. This is the highest class of racing license that is issued by FIA. This license is just one proof that only the elite personnel in the car racing scene joins the F1 events. The event help the highest standard in car racing and all cars in F1 event are considered to be the fastest circuit racing cars in the whole world.

Recently the Formula One has undergone regulation change. This took place in 2009 wherein two different tire compounds are made available in each team and that every driver needs to use it during the race. Usually a regular Grand Prix will last a week and every team are allowed to have three practice sessions before the race.

Even if changes were made but it’s always for the better, Formula One racing has come a long way since it started out. And it will continue to improve to cater the demand of its growing fans.